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Learn Irish Dance in Nijmegen


To learn Irish Dance you first have to show up. You don't need to register or leave your data, just pop in and try dancing with us.

Our teachers, accomplished Irish dancers, will help you make your first Irish steps. 

Check our blog to find out what to expect from your first lesson.

We meet every Monday:

18:00 - 19:0    All ages and levels


Gymzaal Florence Nightingalestraat

Florence Nightingalestraat 3

6543 KT Nijmegen


Daniëlle Muijres


Our Dance Teacher



I’ve been dancing for 12 years and started after seeing an Irish dance demonstration of Scoil Rince Celtus in my hometown. I loved the welcoming people in my class and I started falling in love with Irish music and culture as well. I have competed at several competitions, including Worlds and German Open. Celtus has given me the opportunity to chase my personal goals as well as being part of a team. I got placed 3rd at the Worlds in 2017 which is my proudest moment as a dancer.

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6 reasons why Irish Dance is a great hobby, work-out, and opportunity to make friends


First Lesson

What to expect, what to bring, and how to enjoy your first Irish Dance lesson

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