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Why Irish Dance?

6 reasons why Irish Dance is a great hobby, work-out, and opportunity to make friends.

Have you ever wondered if Irish Dance can be something for you? Below we listed 6 reasons why we love, promote, and teach Irish Dancing. If you think you can relate to these reasons, why don't you visit one of our classes and give it a try or just take a look?


1. Irish Dance is beautiful

A skilled performance of Irish Dance is a showcase of intelligence and fine motor control. It looks effortless, and yet it makes you think about the hard work, discipline, determination, stamina, and coordination coming together in one person. It's impressive and can evoke a variety of emotions. If you have never seen Irish Dancing, check this original footage of Riverdance from the Eurovision Song Contest 1994. The performance started a real Irish Dance fever and transformed into the most successful show running to this day in Dublin. If you enjoyed the performance, visit one of our classes. Chances are you will enjoy it too.

A word of warning: You will not be able to dance Riverdance after the first lesson. To adjust your expectations, please check First Irish Dance Lesson,

2. Irish Dance is great cardio

Put simply, Irish Dance is basically a lot of hopping and jumping to fast-paced traditional Irish music. It strengthens your core, warms you up, makes you sweat, and releases that sweet serotonin we all crave.

3. Irish Dance is great brain exercise

It may seem that Irish Dancers are great at thinking on their feet, but mastering Irish Dance involves a lot of memorizing. There is an infinite number of Irish Dances and each one has it's own set of steps. Remembering choreography, automatizing it, and fitting it with the music is a whole learning process that will improve your memory, motor skills, and coordination. 

4. It's actually two types of dance

Irish Dancers have always two sets of dancing shoes: soft shoes and hard shoes. Men and women have different soft shoes, but hard shoes are the same for everybody. Soft shoe dances may remind you of ballet, while hard shoe dances are an Irish version of tap dancing. 

Irish Dance hard shoes

Hard Shoes

Irish Dance soft shoes

Soft Shoes

5. You don't need a partner

If the lack of a partner has been stopping you from learning to dance, Irish dance is something for you. You don't need a partner to perform and you don't need a partner to practice. You are enough!

6. You get a community

Irish Dance lessons bring together people from different backgrounds. During our lessons, we learn from each other. We share our experience and advice. More advanced students teach the less advanced. During an Irish Dance lesson, you have to interact with one another, talk to each other, and not only about dancing. You get to know people and make new friends. 

Are you at least curious? If so, check our location schedule and come by to try out or take a look! We teach Irish dance in the following locations:

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